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For CA's and Clubs

CA's can bring SSIS's services to their halls by picking up CA kit refills. They and club leaders can also request Dorm RAP's (Residential Academic Programs).

CA kit refills are for restocking the free products bags in residence halls. Each kit includes a variety of barrier methods, lube samples, and finger cots to be made available to the residents on a floor. CA kit refills are always available in our office, so if you find that your hall's products are running low, feel free to stop by our office for more!

Dorm RAP's are events held by 2-3 SSIS members and cover a topic(s) of your choice. Dorm RAP's are not exclusively for dorms; any group on campus (interest clubs, athletics, religion, you name it!) can email or text 586-ASK-SSIS to organize a Dorm Rap presentation. They happen in a location of your choosing, so the students on your hall or in your club can access our services in a familiar space. Often, this means residential halls' common spaces or clubs' meeting spots, but we can present anywhere on campus.


To request a CA kit refill or a Dorm RAP, feel free to visit our office, email, or text us at 586-ASK-SSIS.

Image by Marcos Luiz Photograph
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