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Peer Support

  • What is peer support?

    • Peer support is a way for you to discuss a conflict with a trained, confidential, fellow student. SSIS members receive over 60 hours of peer support training each year. We can listen to you, help you process events, ask guided questions, and offer referrals. When you come to us for support, you can expect our full attention, always. There might be a few SSIS members in the office when you come in, but you can choose how many people to have in the room while you talk.

  • What to expect

    • Often, we will ask clarifying questions about your situation and feelings, ask what you've tried already, offer more resources, help weigh/research your options—whatever you would like from us. There should a member in our outer office to greet you, but if not, feel free to walk back to our inner office. We want you to feel welcome! As such, our office houses fidget toys, coloring pages, blankets and lots of sofa chairs for your comfort—and, of course, tissues. 

  • Confidentiality

    • Everything you say to an SSIS member is kept 100% confidential, so you never have to worry about them sharing your information anyone—even another member—or asking you about your visit later if you bump into them on campus.

  • Get Support

    • There are two main ways to get peer support from SSIS: (1) via our anonymous text line 586-ASK-SSIS, and (2) in-person in our office. You do not have to schedule an appointment unless you would like to meet over Zoom or after-hours, which you can request via text. 

    • Our Fall 2021 office hours can be found 

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