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Our Office

The SSIS office is located on the third floor of the SCC in room 324. To get to it, go right at the top of the stairs and all the way down the first hallway on your left. Our office is the last door on the right. 

Our office is open during the hours marked in purple below and is closed on days when classes are not in session.

If you would like to access our services after-hours, feel free to text us at 586-ASK-SSIS to schedule a time to come in that works for you. We will be more than happy to acomodate your schedule if it does not align with ours. We also do stock a vending machine in the TV lounge on the first floor of the SCC with pregnancy tests, condoms, lube, and EContra for 24/7 access to those products.


Around the Office

Our office setup is one of many tools enabling us to offer comfort and confidentiality while you access our services. With an outer office and a more private inner office, comfortable seating, and various fidget toys and activities, we hope our space is welcoming and accessible to all. 

Image by Womanizer Toys


Our store is located in our inner office. Here, we sell barrier methods, lube, health products, and pleasure products. Brandeis subsidizes our products to make them available in our store at a fraction of their retail price. We ensure that all products are beginner friendly, safe, and accessible before we put them on our shelves. We also price them on a sliding scale to allow you to pay according to your ability. If you can't find what you're looking for in our store, try checking our referral shelf for more options. We are also always available to research more options with you!

Study Space

It is important to us that during our office hours our space be open to the whole Brandeis community. Whether you would like to check out our library, purchase products, seek peer support, or use our space to study, you are always welcome in. Our space houses several sofa chairs and couches for your comfort, filled with blankets and squishmallows-galore. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the area behind the SCC provides a beautiful view during all four seasons.

Open Library

Our library is located in our outer office and is visible right when you walk into our space. Here, you can find non-fiction books on topics such as gender, sexuality, kink, abortion, and family planning and fiction books on erotica and romance. We also have intimate photography books and even a pop-up book about sex! Books must be returned or renewed two weeks after they are checked out. While we won't ask for your name, we will need an email address to keep on record until the book is returned. 


SSIS is committed to accessibility. To account for people who cannot attend our office hours or have urgent requests after we close, we offer in-person and online after-hours appointments, which can be requested through our anonymous texting line. Most of our products are priced on a sliding scale to account for economic barriers community members may face to access, and all are accessible to beginners. And, for those who would like to use them, we always have fidget toys and coloring books available in our office.

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