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Apply to SSIS

SSIS is not currently accepting applications. Our next application cycle will open in January, 2024.


Newly accepted applicants may join us for training at the end of August and begin working in our office in the fall semester. Fall training is mandatory to be an SSIS member. Any accepted applicant who cannot make it to fall training remains welcome to become an SSIS member in future years, as all acceptances to SSIS are final. Denials are not, so every denied applicant is always  welcome to reapply as long as they will be an undergrad student at Brandeis. Our process is double-blind, so we won't know if someone has applied to us previously unless they tell us. Past rejections do not affect a person's chance at a future acceptance to SSIS.


Still have questions? See our FAQ's below for more details.

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FAQ About Applications
  • Who can apply?
    Any Brandeis undergraduate returning to campus in the fall 2023 semester is welcome to apply. However, we ask those who have been accused of or found responsible in a Title IX case dealing with sexual misconduct to to abstain from applying or withdraw their application. If, at a later date, the case has been closed and the individual is found to not be responsible for any sexual misconduct, then they may apply to be in SSIS.
  • I applied in the past and was rejected. Can I apply again?
    If you applied to SSIS in the past and were rejected, you are welcome to apply again! Your past rejection will not at all be factored into our decision to accept or reject you this application cycle. In fact, your past application result will not be connected to your current application at all.
  • I applied in the past and was accepted but didn't join. Do I have to apply again to join now?
    If you applied to SSIS in the past and were accepted, you need not apply again. Acceptance to SSIS lasts the entirety of your undergraduate career! If you have been accepted in the past and would like to join us for the fall semester, feel free to message us on our Instagram @ssisbrandeis, text us at 586-ASK-SSIS, or email us at to sort that out.
  • How can I prepare for my interview?
    There is no recommended preparation for your interview. In fact, it is best not to prepare at all! Drink some water, clear your head, and be your best self. Just like the written application, the interview has no right or wrong responses to any questions. We look forward to speaking with you!
  • How many hours per week do SSIS members work?
    Typically, members spend a minimum of 7 hours per week on SSIS work and don't typically exceed 15. This includes a weekly 4 office hours and one 2-hour mandatory meeting, plus event planning, event attendance, and miscellaneous other tasks that vary every week.
  • What are you looking for in an application?
    There are no specific answers we look for in an application. We only ask that you bring your most authentic self and your thoughts (and your thoughts only!) to the table 😊.
  • How much should I write?
    There is no limit to how much you should write for each question, but the entire application should take no more than 30-60 minutes to complete. We will not be counting sentences or enforcing this rule, but following it will make our jobs a lot easier, as we will have lots of applications to read. You should be able to answer each question within that time limit, but we do also recognize that different people will work at different speeds.
  • Can I ask a friend for help on my application?
    We ask that you and only you have any input into the contents of your application. Please do not have a friend help you come up with answers to the application questions or edit what you have written. After all, our questions ask for your spontaneous thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers, and there is no need to seek outside help. This is YOUR application, so please only use your thoughts.
  • Are applications anonymous?
    Yes! Applications remain anonymous for the duration of the application process—from the moment you choose an alias at the end of your written application until after all decisions have been made and we are ready to send out decisions. We believe all applications should be evaluated solely based on their content (your thoughts!). As such, your name and all other identifying information will NEVER be tied to your application during our evaluations.
  • How long is the application, & what does it ask?"
    The application should take 30-60 minutes to complete, and we ask that you do it all in one sitting. ​ The application has two parts to it. The first consists of 8 questions about you, and the second consists of 10 questions about your thoughts on various topics relevant to SSIS's work. No question will ask for any information that could be used to identify you. The entire application process is anonymous! You will use an alias you choose that will be used to identify your application throughout the entire process until we give you our decision.
  • Can I use online resources to help me write my answers?
    We ask that you not use any resources to help you with your application other than your own brain. This is not a test of knowledge, rather it's a way for us to gauge your gut instincts and thoughts on subjects that SSIS members may work with.
  • What responsibilities do SSIS members have?
    Responsibilities of an SSIS Member Include: - Completion of a summer reading list - Completion of fall and spring training (the former of which is mandatory and occurs the week before the first day of fall classes and requires an early move-in). - Commitment to continuous expansion of your knowledge of sexual health. - 4 office hours per week - Attendance (mandatory!) at weekly 2-hour meetings. - Planning (with the whole group) and attending SSIS events - Maintaining confidentiality. - Keeping up on miscellaneous weekly tasks as they come. - Keeping up-to-date on SSIS communications.
  • When will I receive my decision?
    You will receive our final decision via email in late April.
  • I have questions not answered here. Where can I ask them?
    If you have additional questions not answered here, feel free to DM us on Instagram @ssisbrandeis, text our anonymous text line 586-ASK-SSIS, or email us at
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