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Check out this month's highlights below, picked out by SSIS members! We highlight something new each month, so make sure to check back later for something new!

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Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex, is a nonfiction telling of the history of sexual physiology and sexual research by renown author and researcher Mary Roach. However, don’t let the word “nonfiction” fool you - this book is nothing like your typical history textbook. 

Naughty Cove Butt Plug, butt plug, pleasure product, sex toy


Naughty Cove Butt Plug

Interested in anal? Available in three different sizes, this is the perfect product for beginners and experts alike.

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Nov 2021 Playlist

Featuring songs from Zella Day, Rhianna, Hozier, & more, this is the perfect playlist for getting it on, studying, relaxing in your room, or any other setting your heart desires. Want to get pumped on the way to class or impress your friends with a new playlist at your next party? SSIS has you covered.  (14 songs, 55 minutes 17 seconds).


Intersex Day of Remembrance


Transgender Day of




Trans Awareness Week


Trans Awareness Month

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