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Our Services

SSIS promotes sex positivity and wellness at Brandeis by providing peer support, education, products, an in-office library, and more! Services are always 100% confidential and judgement-free. We promise to meet you where you are, and will never request more information than you are comfortable providing. Whatever your reason for coming into our office, we will do our best to assist you! No reason for visiting or contacting us is stupid, embarrassing, or bad.


Through all of our services, we aim to decrease sexual stigma and misinformation, increase awareness of various sex topics, and empower students to build a healthy relationship with their sexuality, whatever that might look like for them.

All are welcome, and all are valid. We hope to see you soon!

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Peer Support

Need to talk through something? We're here for you. Always 100% confidential.

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We sell health and pleasure products, barrier methods, and lube. Affordable prices, beginner friendly, and always 100% confidential.

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Want to read about sexuality, pregnancy, relationships, STI's, and more? Looking for erotica? We have you covered. 100% confidential.


We hold educational events ranging in topic from long-distance relationships to BDSM and everything in between. Check out upcoming and past events here.

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We will always do our best to get you the help you're looking for, even if that means referring you to a different on- or off-campus resource. 

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Vending Machine

Need products urgently after-hours? Check out our vending machine in the SCC, stocked with a variety of health products, lube, and barrier methods and open 24/7 for your convenience.

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Have a question you want answered, or want to see what other people have asked us? Maybe you want to learn about an upcoming event, talk through an insecurity, or learn about a topic. Whatever it may be, Dear SSIS has you covered.

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For CA's & Clubs

Want to bring SSIS to your residence hall or club meeting? Are the products in your residence hall running low? Click the link below to learn how to schedule an event or learn about CA kit refills.

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