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Student Sexuality Information Service

Serving Brandeis even unto its innermost parts since 1973

Welcome to SSIS!

SSIS is a student-run volunteer organization at Brandeis University that provides confidential peer support & education, sexual health & pleasure products, outreach, referrals, & resources to the campus body.

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 We Believe 

In promoting sex-positivity at Brandeis by providing safe, pleasure-focused, and accessible sexual health services.

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Want to chat? Text 586-ASK-SSIS to speak with a member, 100% anonymously.

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What We Offer

SSIS is a student run non profit organization right here on Brandeis’ campus that serves to empower students in their sexual health, wellness, pleasure, relationships and identity and to ultimately meet you wherever you’re at on your personal journey with sex and sexuality.

SSIS aims to be a safe, inclusive space for all members of Brandeis’ community. Whether you’re just looking to learn more about a particular topic, looking to find other like-minded individuals, looking for support or products or maybe you don’t know yet what you’re looking for. Any and all individuals are welcome at SSIS and we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of our services.

-Shira, past SSIS member

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Our Members 2023-2024

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